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The all-in-one platform that empowers luxury & fast fashion retail brands.
RETLAY is an innovative and collaborative solution to help optimize your retail business.

Visual Merchandising

Task and Checklist



Category Management

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Tailored Visual Merchandising

Design, plan and execute beautiful store displays capturing your brand’s unique identity while ensuring an unforgettable and captivating shopping experience for all your customers

Task management

Manage store visits, compliance, assign tasks and collect store information efficiently with comprehensive Task Management to enhance operational effectiveness.

Team communication & engagement

Foster a connected and engaged retail team with RETLAY’s news feed, chat, content sharing, and community features, ensuring smooth collaboration and a strong sense of belonging.

Empower your retail team with on-the-go learning

Our personalized learning modules engage all team members to acquire essential new knowledge, enabling them to improve their retail tasks, while keeping track of their training progress.

Category management & commercial strategy

Improve the potential of each store’s space management and product placements, maximizing your client offerings with the aid of our data-driven, strategy and monitoring platform

A Customizable Platform

Just as a master tailor awaits your measurements, RETLAY is ready to be precisely tailored for all your retail needs, offering a truly bespoke digital solution and improve your retail brand’s daily operations.

Cross App capabilities

Mobile App & Web

Access RETLAY anytime, anywhere with our intuitive mobile app and web platform, designed to keep your team connected and informed on the go.

Worldwide distribution & connectivity

Stay connected worldwide, even in areas with limited connectivity, including China. RETLAY ensures your team stays updated and engaged, no matter where they are.

AI Boosted

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize store strategies, sales, and real-time data analysis for a smarter and more efficient retail experience.

Easy IT integration

RETLAY easily integrates with your company's IT infrastructure, offering seamless connections to store data, product catalogs, and authentication systems.

Multilingual & instant translation

Break language barriers with RETLAY's multilingual support and instant message translation, enabling seamless communication for global teams.

Top-level security

Experience peace of mind knowing your data is protected by RETLAY's commitment to top-level security standards, ensuring your business and its valuable information remain secure.

Why Choose RETLAY
For Your Retail Brand?

Choose RETLAY, the ultimate digital solution for top fashion retail brands, and experience unparalleled precision and excellence in every aspect of your retail strategy. Join the ranks of luxury fashion brands who trust RETLAY to help them stand out in the highly competitive market and create memorable shopping experiences for their customers.

Unmatched Retail Strategy and Execution

Retlay's retail strategy and execution platform empowers retailers to create the perfect customer experience while maximizing sales and operational efficiency. *With Retlay, retailers can leverage powerful planning tools, real-time communication, and data-driven insights to optimize their category management, visual merchandising, and operational processes.

Category Management and Commercial Strategy

RETLAY is a comprehensive retail platform that helps businesses achieve their goals by empowering them to; create custom product displays and merchandising strategies with RETLAY’s user-friendly interface, train new and current colleagues with tailor-made interactive mobile courses. while fostering a strong collaboration thanks to RETLAY’s chat, content sharing, and community features.

Team Communication and Engagement

RETLAY’s all-in-one retail platform helps you improve efficiency, boost sales, and create a positive customer experience, making it the best choice for the high standards of the luxury fashion industry. With RETLAY, you can focus on what you do best: running a successful retail business.