& team engagement

Experience the transformative impact that RETLAY brings to your retail team by fostering effective communication, building a strong sense of community, and boosting engagement, ensuring your top fashion brand thrives in the retail landscape.

Empower Your Retail Team
with Enhanced Communication, Community, and Engagement


Facilitate seamless communication between headquarters and the team, ensuring the dissemination of department news, inspirations, event updates, procedures, and more through versatile content types, interactive feedback, conversational comments, and easy content bookmarking.

Comments, Reactions, Ratings:

Enhance collaboration and engagement by enabling comments for discussions, reactions for quick feedback, and ratings to evaluate content quality, fostering a dynamic and responsive communication environment.


Ensure your retail team stays informed and engaged with vital updates and events such as new openings, product launches, and more. RETLAY’s Event Calendar acts as a central hub for efficient event management, promoting seamless coordination and alignment throughout your retail network.


Interact with colleagues using text, images, videos, and voice messages.

Share, comment, and receive feedback on any content related to your current activity, such as guidelines, courses, and in-store activities. Support for one-to-one, group, and activity-related conversations. Quickly locate relevant conversations with the search bar. Use auto-translation for seamless cross-language communication.

Gamification and motivation

Boost team morale and motivation through RETLAY’s gamification features, such as badges, challenges, leaderboards and scoring systems, that recognize and reward your team’s hard work and dedication.

Foster a connected and engaged retail team with RETLAY's chat, content sharing, and community features, ensuring smooth collaboration and a strong sense of belonging.