Category management
& Commercial strategy

Maximise the potential of each store’s space and product offerings with RETLAY’s seamless integration of visual merchandising and category management tools, enabling strategic planning and agile execution.

Configure all store

Define the display and sales capacity with store configurator

Strategic Space Allocation​

Maximize retail space with our Efficient Capacity Management tool. Strategically arrange store layouts to boost display potential and sales. Our intuitive configurator aligns product placement with shopper behavior, enhancing commercial strategy. Data-driven decisions improve visibility, flow, and sales.

Detect products displayed per store

With product linking scan the displayed products and gain more control over their visual and sales aspects.

Strategic Space Allocation

Optimize space with our Strategic Space Allocation tool.
Customize store layouts to match product assortment with customer preferences.

Ensure every category shines, enhancing the
shopping experience and boosting sales.
With RETLAY, turn space into a strategic asset for efficiency and profitability.

Category & VM collaboration

Real time commaboration, reporting trhough pictures comments, revise, workflow,

Foster a connected and engaged retail team with RETLAY's chat, content sharing, and community features, ensuring smooth collaboration and a strong sense of belonging.