Operational management

Effortless Task Management:
Streamline Retail operations and drive efficiency and take control of your retail operations.

RETLAY empowers your retail teams to stay organized, focused, and productive.

Action Plans and assignments

Assign tasks and action plans to your team and stores with ease, ensuring clear communication of responsibilities and deadlines.

Monitor progress and completion status in real-time, keeping your teams accountable and on track.

Visits, audit checklists and self assessment.

Simplify your store visits and audits with customizable checklists that ensure consistency and compliance across all your locations.

Identify areas of improvement and maintain high standards in every aspect of your retail operations.

Performance reporting and scoring system

Streamline your evaluation process with RETLAY’s automated scoring system, instantly identifying areas that require attention and ensuring a consistent benchmark for performance.

Real-Time collaboration and communication

Foster seamless teamwork and communication with RETLAY’s integrated chat and content sharing features, enabling your teams to collaborate effectively and stay connected, regardless of their location.

Data-Driven insights for continuous Improvement

Leverage real-time performance analytics to make informed decisions and optimize your task management processes, driving efficiency and continuous improvement across your retail operations.

Streamline retail operations with RETLAY's task management. Empower teams with centralized control, real-time monitoring, customizable checklists, and automated performance scoring. Enhance communication through integrated chat and optimize with real-time analytics for continuous improvement.